Examples the climate is changing


By 31 December 2013

Australia sees a potential for cyclones (Christine) crossing the central plateau and reforming in southern waters and tracking East to southern cities. It won’t happen this year, but current systems guarantee it

300km an hour winds across Northern Europe seas. British houses fall 10m into the sea and Jerusalem Capital of Israel breaks a 70 year snow record with 60 cm of snow 10 days before Christmas (Aussies won’t get the significance). The Netherlands legislates to let the sea back in.


More snow on the pyramids? I wonder if this government and its Tripple A ASIO rating will remove the movie the day after tomorrow from our shelves?

I bet its the first time in 1,000 years the roman aquifers would be covered in Ice.

Australia 2010

Ex TC Anthony makes it as far south as the southern Malley in Victoria causing wide spread and long lasting flooding.

Cyclone YASI Australia’s biggest cyclone to cross the Australian coast is only downgraded to an XTC once it passes Uluruu and across the WA boarder.

2003 70.000 killed in Europe with its worst heat wave since 1540

1997 drought hits southern Australia and lasts untill the Victorian bushfires in 2009 killing hundreds

#we want the Carbon tax!

With all the secrecy in this world and the passion to keep homosexuality repressed; one can only hope Christianity even by default; is not trying to cook the planet to speed up the coming of the Jesbus & end of days.


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