About the author: Around my 20th I remember getting one of two letters I had to read three times before I could comprehend. This time I was to meet my biological mother.

I was to hear stories of her great grandmother knowing things, and Dreaming them the day before they happened.

I was raised by a hardcore text book catholic family who did their best, but they never had any idea or didn’t let on anyway. My biggest disgust to this day was the catholic churches denial of gay communion and my mother being a special minister for most of my life. Thank god I don’t have to put the tough guy Christian act on anymore.

They tried to tell me I was crazy, that I had life all wrong, to be a sports person or a sheep. But I had other things going on that didn’t take me long to realise that i was alone in what I felt. I learnt later that so do the other 17,000 kids a year in varryind degrees stolen at birth between 1950 and 1990.

The Melbourne museum’s stolen generation exhibit was one of my defining moments.

Most of my teenage years were riddled with fear and stupid bits of verbal spasm that either made someone cry when I described their dead cousin in a way no one would have known, or ridiculed because they didn’t want anyone to know.

I have since learnt to record and smile to myself. This thing is a little pinch of disgust in the current debate and the stupidities the debate protects virulently.

If your car was broke you’d get a mechanic to look at it. There’s nothing wrong with applying some cause and effect to assess where we are going. There is especially nothing wrong with asking for affirmation from above.

As for the included lyrics, they are always for sale, via an in disclosed Swiss bank account.



I am honest enough to say I am fed up with fat lazy dole bluedger mongrels hacking this site in the name of christian evangalism or misguided altruism.


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