Equals all things wild

One two three
Now listen to me
Protectors of all things wild

The evil three
Down on one knee
Cooking up something bright

One two three
Now listen to me
Protectors of all things wild

Stair them down with fright and might
One two three
Their evil sits on one knee; night.

One two three
Listen to me
Protectors of all things wild
The nations will come west of the sun
And build continues of nature’s throng

One two three
Now listen to me
Protectors of all things wild

The Eye will fill the desert’s window with tears in yonder clouds. The easterly heat, now a pander faint feet; employ us we’ll be alright.

One two three
Listen to me
Protectors of all things wild

The evil be dyslexic to me
And of passion certain not right

So come to me
One two three
Covent my world in light
Make them bleed according to their seed a future of pain and harvest not bright. Not right.

Build a reverse osmosis desalination plant fuelled by solar power at port Augusta or in an outback creek, the salt water sludge can be salt pan dried, the fresh water flowing freely into the 112,000km2 of desert below sea level regulated at depth of >1m. It’s a whole new free market of choice.

Pumping water into the desert is like turning the giant evaporative cooler on outside. Not turning on natures air-conditioner means our deserts at 70 degrees loose all water and turn into the shifting Muslim sands like other country’s deserts. Feel a little patriotic? Try defending this place for once.

And if you are going to build Australian cities on her eastern shores, domesticate wombats and devils not other people’s stuff. Quintessentially Australian has to be more than an adv. campaign.

So natures thong on the West Bank to keep traditions alive and healthy; and on the east a series of fresh water lakes designed to moderate heat; while feeding the world with Murray Cod and Callop and multiplying the cattle stations beef production 50 fold pa. (kangaroo will always taste better and be healthier) We can change our desert futures into healthy rainfall for ALL Australian farmers.

Now is the time to do something


Certainly Cyclone Christine reaching the Nullabor plain before being down graded into a dust storm is a taste of all January things to come. She weakened and smashed heat temps all the way to South East Queensland. 49° was not uncommon in SA and NSW. A Brisbane Suburb even reached 43.5°C.

So lots of things didn’t happen, but as these systems become more common we have to ask – 50° to 60°C desert winds or Cat 1. cyclones from the west? It’s just a choice. Give me the wet cyclone any day.

And if you build in on your land, you get to name the water rights.





Get a masters in business, write the business plan get a statement of tenure from your Aussie customers and go to the bank. You can! With climate change the Australian deserts will hit 70 degrees Celsius effecting the Australian heartland into a Muslim Sahara desert.

Hopefully all the idiots are too busy pissing themselves laughing at the first verse and the smarter one’s made it here..

Days hacked: I


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