Religious terrorism Period.


How do you legally steel children for the purposes of succession planning?

It’s simple really you tell the biological mother she’s a whore during pregnancy; you use parishioners to tell Baron families they are inadequate and you legislate to ensure the children you steel; feel that inadequacy experienced by the biological parents for the majority of their lives. You deny them insight into their psychological paradigms during puberty, you fill their developing minds with the flaws in their genetics and your priests groom them for sex in there high school environments. I can’t remember the name if the dude I saved. I guess the Benefit of being exposed to G growing up, is you bail when you’re being walked around the Vice Principals office and things get slightly seedy. I wonder if this is part of religious discovery? Clearly for the masogynists, but is it the role of catholic education; That’s for the commission to uncover.

Sometimes when I have sex I remember being a toddler.

I wonder if the children abused by priests see the priest’s face when they are experiencing brilliant sex. It’s a fantastic and terranic way to remind people of the churches moral standpoint. (I’ll leave it at this for today)

You get them to count the Sunday donations in the tens of thousands, and as icing you explain adoption psychology when it’s too late.

Australia has a terranic reputation where adoption is concerned and we hope like hell people aren’t smart enough to realise it.

I’d love a dinner party with Deborra Lee Furness and I can assure you to date, there would be no value in an autograph. I would ask whether she would legislate adoptive families on parenting. More so give them the skills to have the hard discussions and manage comprehension of those discussions for the first half of their lives. The saddest part is these conversations are often in conflict with the church. (By design?)

One day you’ll wake up and you’ll decide to roll with the terrorists or not. I bet there’s plenty of people who believe in the Taliban’s management of their religion, just like people over here are blindfolded to the sometimes murderous succession planning of the Catholic Church. Christianity and its bounties have given us great things and adsorbed many customs and without fail or falter they’d have the next 2,000 years planned and ready for execution.

But for Christ sake stop steeling and abusing kids and using them as a part of your philanthropic succession planning.

I know you would have a good 300 years of confessional data and if steeling and abusing kids and in effect limiting their eventuality of a gratifying sex life with a trusted partner is your way of domesticating the generations – is kind of “wrong town”. If we are afforded the human condition we should be afforded at least one trusted loving partner if we so choose.

As for the nature of adoption psychology, I’m not an animal and I can only encourage people that feel adopted to self educate and understand what their ‘shame’ did to you. There is no God in that plan.



One of the wackiest concepts I’ve heard of is genetic memory, the concept of connection between land and person. I think some psychologists would have a field day in Australia where we have complex variations in microclimates. We also believed in legal kidnapping and ensuring those children would not come into contact with their biological liniage and we insured this by policies like take from the east and give to the west.

My reality today is of a memory embedded in my fathers zygote. The details are my own and they speak a world of bitter truths.

Hopefully this govt and DLF. will not sell the concept of steeling another generation from another country in the name of religious succession planning like they sell other world issues to us in the name if business confidence.

I planted a few flowers to clean up all the ugliness K Stockett.


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Male 34 white and an Abo in a past life, 1/10 stolen geration and certainly would much rather sit opposite the casino than inside it.
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