Australia’s Black Palm oil

So we know that some roasted wattle seed is brilliant with chocolate cake. We know that Kori cultures would chew on black wattle sap for nutrient.

I know that when you boil wattle seed to assist in germination, there is residual oil in the pan afterward.

It’s just a thought; but leave the tropical rainforest alone, grow black wattles in the desert and farm our own chocolate oil and food additives with half the resources.

Conservation could even meet innovation with wattles being pollinated by animals like the sugar glider, reducing the need for foreign bee and insect species. Murray cod at $50 a kilo would be a far better use of irrigation systems surely. It’s all here. The smartest thing about such a system is when the selected species start to die they can be bulldozed into significant waterways to trap atmospheric carbon in the substrate rather than burning back into the atmosphere. You could even capture Carbon into the food chain instead of cutting grass with petrol. Them be clever kanagroos; delicious too. The cod will love the woody water; the ecosystems will thrive, during flood years we create carbon rich strata and promote healthy natural selection. With smarts you can’t pollute with a bi product that is an integral part of the system. We just have to decide weather we should lower the Roo fences (ROLF).

Always remember that 9billion ton of coal exports from Darling Downs equates to 26 billion ton of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere annually. It’s like 1billion ton for every person each year. It’s one of the greatest challenges of modern time.

Bugger those CSIRO job cuts


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Male 34 white and an Abo in a past life, 1/10 stolen geration and certainly would much rather sit opposite the casino than inside it.
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