January 7 2014 published 15 Nov 2013

The Day Hell Froze Over


Source: Google

I said it my last
You knew it a farse
The wandering crack come ary

I remembered the clothes
I remembered the hose
Even the chairs; inside nigh

The branches will fall
Inside the pool
The water rocking; side to side

This violent outburst
A marker; not first
Mocking a yonder sigh

The reports will read
The victims seed
A calmness till someone dies

The coal keeps coming
The bugs keep humming
The volcanoes slumming
A yonder world not bright

Until another
Someone’s brother
Alone when someone subsides.

I published this on the 15 November and found it quite a coincidence to see hail landing in a swimming pool on the NSW coast the next day I think. The white water coming off the hail reminded me of the side to side lyric above. It was supposed to be a storm reference for the 7 Jan 2014 not the next day.


Pretty sure this snap belongs to NASA somewhere

7 January 2013 The media reports RecordPolar Vortex USA with wind chill up to -61 across the nth states. 18 dead and real life scenes from the day after tomorrow in Chicago. The wall of ice is the second time I’m aware in the last few years. Interesting huh?
Google frozen fountains in Texas..

10m waves in quaint English west coast villages.. The height of a five storey apartment buildings. Ouch!

Unlike Pakistan’s 7,000mm all in 7 days it’s nice to hear the homeless are being looked after.

if I could hear ole Albert’s voice he’d say it might be the 6th in the USA and the 7th in Australia; but its the same segment in the space and time continuum; and most important “records be records”! And a new heat record for Darwin Australia IS serious. 36.1 #climate-change

“Malta older and colder?” Long and Lat 14°w and 35°N ish.

The frozen fountains in El’passo Texas
115°w and 33°east. is highway 114 at longitude 114°W? My error rate is consistent sometimes.

I was thinking about a road cutting with a cliff either side of 114, walked into my lounge and saw this. Maybe a coincidence? I wonder what’s or who is stuck there?


After watching news stories about the death of Paul Mackay; clearly my trigonometry is off, either way sleep well, your hell froze over.

17 January 2014

With Melbourne’s yet another day over 43° I cannot stress enough climate change is static, it does not have a destination. 43° will become more normal. Please understand and act on the paradigm.

*no more predictions till the 15 December 2014 I promise just understand that cross country skiing in the CBD of Adelaide or in Swanston street Melbourne can happen; more often in this stage of change. Please educate yourself.



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