90% of any business exists in the shaddows

One of the most interesting #adoption experiences I had was my biological grandmother drawing my profile from a photograph. I hated it. She captured all the things I didn’t like about myself. A little older and wiser; she drew my genetics all the things my adoption taught me to hate. Unfortunate.

So I always knew I was adopted and had many arguments over the years as to how best to present this information to the world.

Certainly my earliest memory was of my older cousins at about three stating I was different because I didn’t come from my mummies tummy. In my 30’s I have a slightly more cynical view of adoption, power plays and Christian healing groups that prevent financial
liability to the Catholic Church.

So the business’ number one
priority is protecting its reputation and it’s sunday donations. Based on my observations there should be an observed link between Christian healing communities, homophobia and the affect on the broader community. I still don’t speak to my adoptive family because the word Nigger is openly frowned upon and faggot acceptable.

It’s entirely plausible these healing communities encourage homophobia among abuse victims as a way of preventing financial liability. Let it never be said the greater good this organisation provides goes unnoticed, it provides a kindness to natural selection, sometimes reflection on your journey provides better roadmaps the future. I honour the ANZACs for their
sacrifice and this generations responsibility to fight for what is
right and the honour that exists in true democratic and judicial principles. I liken to American stories of teenage girls kidnapped and escaping 20 years later. I remember looking at my adoption paperwork stating the mother wouldn’t let go quietly (very proper).

Clearly two very different situations until you consider all the conversations “you” had with your parents about your genetic emotions, why you do things, why you feel a certain way. Now I would ask you imagine all those conversations replaced with questions about why you were so weird and different. Questions like why can’t you be more like us? Now I’m going to ask you to consider a 400 year old Christian faith who had been observing stolen
children for their entire lives in church on Sundays, trying to fill the voids created by the adoption itself. Consider the idiosyncrasies instilled in the children of these poor people and
their grandchildren. The sky people did come and this is how they
did it.

I hear you; how lucky am I that I can say this and not be shot. :s

We failed with Canberra’s Abbot proof fence. Generally it’s because conservatives use emotional recruitment. Who in their right mind would step into an oven, when the hammock waits between the coconut trees. When Melbourne has 3 consecutive days above 48° just remember speculators; you voted for it.

I’m as one eye’d as a pies supporter and he knows damn well what that’s about.

This generation will have to fight for its freedoms again, on a home front from people like themselves who desperately want to feel loved accepted and normal.

Using homophobia as an emotional recruitment system is lame and
we’re over it. One day people will realise creating a problem in
order to stand on a stage and say we’ve found a solution is kind of
a clever trick with an expiry date. So decide whether we are freedom fighters or communists with a preferred religion?

Kevin 07apologised to the Aboriginal community, not because he wanted them to Mabo your quarter ache, but because 70,000 years of natural
selection cannot be Christianised or canonised by steeling children and instilling environmental paradigms.

Julia apologised because this canonisation happened to white families too. Those that had sex outside of marriage, the free thinkers, the artists and generally liniage that would pose a threat to the future reputation of the church.

The observed principle is to provide a better platform for christian natural selection, the genetics that support
the church and not those that question. So Jules! Thanks for apologising. My back foot is much stronger and comfortable for it. It allows me to accept and validate the shadows I was given perhaps to validate that organisation, who knows? I will always reject their satan.

I certainly feel this generation needs to defend its reproductive rights much like the ANZACs defended theirs and our democratic ones. One of the key markers of our future is our right to abort, our right to single patent families and our rights to legislate philanthropy. If any of this is horrific, you are truly blessed and fortunate. It’s a good
reason to put your thinking cap on.

5.11.2013 I visited my natural
homelands yesterday. Lots of healing lots of cleansing. It’s the strangest thing to sense your natural family. It’s even stranger talking to yourself in a 3 dimensional mirror at a coffee shop
(Riddle me this). Quite priceless my attraction to Mt Macedon and its microclimate.

The Catholic Church might have stolen my natural life but they can never steel that memory from me. It is unparalleled; the sadness expressed by people trying to keep the illusion of adoption alive.

It’s quite quirky watching Christians
think tanks sprout the naturality of life, yet they promote a profoundly unnatural one through adoption.

24.11.2013 I remember
meeting one arm of my biological family, standing in a room of
people that looked at talked like me. I felt obligated to my adoptive family to only find out about medical history; back then I believed they were the ones who put up with me all those years.
(That’s priceless). I asked all the cliche’ things like anyone famous and when do I go bald, some 15 years later I lost view of the famous names. I knew Murray Rose to be a boxer not a swimmer. (East vs. West)

After watching his documentary last night better judgement suggests
I don’t articulate the anger and the disgust I now feel for a
repugnant Catholic Family Welfare Bureau. Kidnappers and murderous
bastards! I heard somewhere about ripple effects in mechanics. I lost my natural life, my adoptive parents lost theirs as did my biological. I still struggle to believe my biological parents lost their natural life. I guess that’s part of the mongrel psychology.

Please forgive me when I sarcastically use the carol “onward Christian soldiers”. Intelligently, have you ever met someone for the first time and they used perhaps a phrase you just thought was wrong, so weird or even bizarre?

Using a first date as an example those bizarre phrases are a summary of that persons life and whether they would fit in yours. You make your mind up quickly. You know it’s not right, it isn’t going to work. Now imagine that feeling 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 18 odd years. That is adoption.

24. 1.2014

Thinking about my education, being aware I’m not 400yrs old if I had paid my school fees I would ask for cash back (you have to admit its a great commercial). There is plenty of precedence where #rupertswood has cooked the books. My biggest mistake was admitting being adopted.


I remember listening to my biological mother talk about how horrible the dreams or nightmares rather; were around the time of her decision making process. Having had a few bad eccés myself I’ve had a bad trip or two. More recently I experienced a horrific nightmare with feelings and complexities that I have never experienced before. A bit like acid only cleaner. So I guess I can’t hate you bio mum, I knew I had acid eneutrò but I know now it wasn’t you that gave it to me. I forgive u.

Meaning no disrespect; even today I still feel selfish for rolling with my genetics. Do you think this is art?




20131212-105601.jpg We’ll see you in The Hague.

And in the world of art and science; here is a little ancestry for you. I think I know where my painting style from.


Times hacked 3


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