Our national weather Health check :s!

The best synopsis is simple, clear and powerful. We have warmed by a degree already, the 2010-12 La Nina smashed records as a result. Birds have fallen fried from the sky during heatwaves and we are only getting started. Put simply for every extra degree forecast we can simply double the forecast La Nina financial damage. It’s just that simple.

Putting your head in the sand at the petrol station is getting less normal; get used to it.

View episode: Catalyst: National weather health check


*Sea water kinda doesn’t work.

And the debate continues…

Tony your best present is not 500.00 in the pocket of each household it’s an inevitable king tide thru the front door.

Honesty from the Australian Parliament:

Big Uncle Tones, if you wanna save your manufacturing buddies like Alcoa a fortune on brown coal electricity, might I suggest a mist, mirror and oil type solar plant in Mildura to give manufacturing free electricity, that’s how you keep them competitive, not selling the majority of voters too tired to care bullshit about market manipulation. Man up!

I recall your pre election statement that Australia’s contribution to climate change is negligible. I’d like to call you on that. 16 ton SORRY SORRY 25 ton per person excludes coal exports. So unless we specify that all carbon be recaptured when burnt for energy and electricity, each Australian is responsible for 1billion and 16 ton of CO2 per person per year. And yep we have a great life too. (Darling Downs contribution) So far our great life Greg Hunt means we are listed #2 in the OECD. Dirty countries list.


We have over 110,000km2 of Australia below sea level with the only co2 drainage being wind (not gravity). Moderately you’re an idiot if you think a desert below sea level has no effect on global warming you are and even bigger idiot if you believe the Australian public are stupid enough to buy environmental censorship when their senses speak in conflict to your electoral campaigns.

We owe the rainfall to our victorian and sthn NSW farmers, we owe the hydrological mapping to our geologists and we owe some respect to our scientists. I wonder how our politicians rate on the Callus Unemotional.



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