it’s a little Irish; but a hell of a cure

If you follow the jet stream around the northern hemisphere, it tends to dump massive amounts of water at two locations; 1. Ireland and 2. Canada’s British Columbia.

* and apparently rural UK, nederlands, Germany and the flip side might be the record breaking 356km p/hour winds near Denmark.

An interesting fact about BC is its further north than some US states on the same longitude with snow cover for three months of the year. BC has a nice temperate climate above freezing for its positioning. My first impression was “Its Greener than England! wow.” And like much of my life, shit just happens.

I guess Ireland is still the brand I grew up with, fields of four-leaf clovers, leprechaun and not a tree in sight. I reckon it might be time to replace your potatoes with conifers. I Last heard the republic of Ireland wasn’t doing so great financially, so I guess sitting under the jet streams moisture deposit; the most logical progression should be eco tourism and being the carbon trading centre of the future world.

The best part about registered carbon trading is petrol companies under the right compliance model have to pay for each kg of carbon your trees use each year. I think the Australian average is still 7.5kgs but I guess it would be double in Ireland with their climate. So you replace your potatoes with American sequoia or evergreens from BC. You can make your 10 grand an acre a year and always have your eye on the prize – expensive timber exports.

Cause this way there will be more pub time!

As for omens and affirmations; you wouldn’t read about it! I flicked over to a documentary talking about re discovering Victorian gardens in England. One of the gardens creation was dated by a Sequoiadendron giganteum seen below. I reckon that might have a little atmospheric carbon stored in the trunk. Do you think? I guess they would grow fine in Ireland.

Picture: wikipedia

Thank you for voting in Obama for his last term.

Contrary to popular bullshit according to this science thing; called cellulose approx 50% of a trees trunk IS atmospheric carbon. Them be big bloody trees!


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