24 March Iceland be Parched (Published 25 October 2011)

24 March Iceland be parched

with Malta older and colder

Europe meltal low, no snow she blows

annoyed, restless yet weap


There’s a fry pan there, at work I dare

the cleaner, streamer that’s right

24 March and the brass tamborine

annoying releave preassure their dared.


You know

so slow



24 March 2012


I guess Iceland knows what it’s like to be adopted. Perhaps my paradigms are all over the place. But I doubt this was a happy decision.

An artists impression of a forced Catholic Religious Adoption vailed in psychology.



I get it now; I’m just a guy on a lonely planet, riding his bike through peak hour traffic in a distant galaxy. I don’t owe anyone anything and knor do they me.


About mawintels

Male 34 white and an Abo in a past life, 1/10 stolen geration and certainly would much rather sit opposite the casino than inside it.
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One Response to 24 March Iceland be Parched (Published 25 October 2011)

  1. Promo Codes says:

    It is little doubt that this is the best singer in the planeta! What makes a singer isn’t their vibe, it’s their voice! I don’t like when people judge singers on things that just aren’t that important. Remember, they are entertainers, not presidents! Let them do their thing and enjoy the artistry!

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