On Australia day – Our appology to you


I stand here in this dream
Along the English white fella seam
honey suckles galore
the pupua arrow, come one, come more
My Dutch English fear to jump behind a tree
the first arrow through my heart
without pain
without start
With wisdom in sight
and selfless delight
to step back into Papua’s view
a million more arrows, they flew
Some missed
and some perplexed
some arrived
on an emotive twist
Our Aboriginal people
could never evolve
in the land with us
we forced them to divulge
So in the wetland fish trap of choice
retribution, allowed the voice
An eye for an eye in white man term
discussed emotional penance
Turns anger into Yearn
And that Arrow 50m above
Straight to the heart
the eye for an eye part
But as I sit here in my waking life
Arrows were only ever old English strife
as I slow down time
and watch the spears spin in
your spears speak wisdom
accuracy; precision
Go to our schools
and study us hard
learn our lessons
let your ancestors not be bared
I’ve heard you want your land back
through a tearful eye
your lands already in front of you
teach us to dream and survive



Kulin Wetlands
Brimbank Park
Parks Victoria

Random rushes
These Euc. Viminalis (Mana Gum) I grew from seed about 15 years ago
much to my mothers disgust at makeshift green houses and
polystyrene containers.
a very rewarding little pocket right now.
I actually drempt that someone cut these down half way in the future
something to do with new powerlines
but something has changed now
The song of the critically endangered Growling Grass Frogs. I have noted these frogs move according to the height of the river and very much tend to say in one spot. I have heard them in the lower reaches of Taylors Creek and the wetlands themselves. In La Nina this area is germinating thousands of native plants, and the mosquito’s are appropriately hellish. The land is somewhat unstable and care should be taken; especially along the steep adjacent river banks due to recent moderate flooding. There are also birds of prey nesting during spring – that make magpies look like child’s play.

For those that feel greater connection to land than country; look at a partial claim on the Maribyrnong valley park land. Bring back the lillies and yams and farm them sustainably. Have a look round for the old tucker shops.

I’m sure there’d be a market in North Melbourne that you’d do alright with a few yams too.

above: selfish but my introduction
Above: Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos
Above either grass or Orange bellied Parrot :-s
Above: Native Blue Bush. Largest most southern population
Above: Native eggplant (solanum) whitetail spider antiuveneum
Below: Before
Below: After
Fishing tips;
Dawn or dusk with a scrub worm – you’ll do alright
Just remember carp are noxious
and footscray market buy them clean
Dirty Water = Scrub worms / corn all day
Clear water = Scrub worms Dawn and Dusk
And for the roid boys; some spring carp milk will make you lift weights like crazy
~oh them remedies~

About mawintels

Male 34 white and an Abo in a past life, 1/10 stolen geration and certainly would much rather sit opposite the casino than inside it.
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