ABC’s Citizen’s Charter

The ABC must treat its audience as citizen’s not consumers.

Short post huh?

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Equals all things wild

One two three
Now listen to me
Protectors of all things wild

The evil three
Down on one knee
Cooking up something bright

One two three
Now listen to me
Protectors of all things wild

Stair them down with fright and might
One two three
Their evil sits on one knee; night.

One two three
Listen to me
Protectors of all things wild
The nations will come west of the sun
And build continues of nature’s throng

One two three
Now listen to me
Protectors of all things wild

The Eye will fill the desert’s window with tears in yonder clouds. The easterly heat, now a pander faint feet; employ us we’ll be alright.

One two three
Listen to me
Protectors of all things wild

The evil be dyslexic to me
And of passion certain not right

So come to me
One two three
Covent my world in light
Make them bleed according to their seed a future of pain and harvest not bright. Not right.

Build a reverse osmosis desalination plant fuelled by solar power at port Augusta or in an outback creek, the salt water sludge can be salt pan dried, the fresh water flowing freely into the 112,000km2 of desert below sea level regulated at depth of >1m. It’s a whole new free market of choice.

Pumping water into the desert is like turning the giant evaporative cooler on outside. Not turning on natures air-conditioner means our deserts at 70 degrees loose all water and turn into the shifting Muslim sands like other country’s deserts. Feel a little patriotic? Try defending this place for once.

And if you are going to build Australian cities on her eastern shores, domesticate wombats and devils not other people’s stuff. Quintessentially Australian has to be more than an adv. campaign.

So natures thong on the West Bank to keep traditions alive and healthy; and on the east a series of fresh water lakes designed to moderate heat; while feeding the world with Murray Cod and Callop and multiplying the cattle stations beef production 50 fold pa. (kangaroo will always taste better and be healthier) We can change our desert futures into healthy rainfall for ALL Australian farmers.

Now is the time to do something


Certainly Cyclone Christine reaching the Nullabor plain before being down graded into a dust storm is a taste of all January things to come. She weakened and smashed heat temps all the way to South East Queensland. 49° was not uncommon in SA and NSW. A Brisbane Suburb even reached 43.5°C.

So lots of things didn’t happen, but as these systems become more common we have to ask – 50° to 60°C desert winds or Cat 1. cyclones from the west? It’s just a choice. Give me the wet cyclone any day.

And if you build in on your land, you get to name the water rights.





Get a masters in business, write the business plan get a statement of tenure from your Aussie customers and go to the bank. You can! With climate change the Australian deserts will hit 70 degrees Celsius effecting the Australian heartland into a Muslim Sahara desert.

Hopefully all the idiots are too busy pissing themselves laughing at the first verse and the smarter one’s made it here..

Days hacked: I

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Religious terrorism Period.


How do you legally steel children for the purposes of succession planning?

It’s simple really you tell the biological mother she’s a whore during pregnancy; you use parishioners to tell Baron families they are inadequate and you legislate to ensure the children you steel; feel that inadequacy experienced by the biological parents for the majority of their lives. You deny them insight into their psychological paradigms during puberty, you fill their developing minds with the flaws in their genetics and your priests groom them for sex in there high school environments. I can’t remember the name if the dude I saved. I guess the Benefit of being exposed to G growing up, is you bail when you’re being walked around the Vice Principals office and things get slightly seedy. I wonder if this is part of religious discovery? Clearly for the masogynists, but is it the role of catholic education; That’s for the commission to uncover.

Sometimes when I have sex I remember being a toddler.

I wonder if the children abused by priests see the priest’s face when they are experiencing brilliant sex. It’s a fantastic and terranic way to remind people of the churches moral standpoint. (I’ll leave it at this for today)

You get them to count the Sunday donations in the tens of thousands, and as icing you explain adoption psychology when it’s too late.

Australia has a terranic reputation where adoption is concerned and we hope like hell people aren’t smart enough to realise it.

I’d love a dinner party with Deborra Lee Furness and I can assure you to date, there would be no value in an autograph. I would ask whether she would legislate adoptive families on parenting. More so give them the skills to have the hard discussions and manage comprehension of those discussions for the first half of their lives. The saddest part is these conversations are often in conflict with the church. (By design?)

One day you’ll wake up and you’ll decide to roll with the terrorists or not. I bet there’s plenty of people who believe in the Taliban’s management of their religion, just like people over here are blindfolded to the sometimes murderous succession planning of the Catholic Church. Christianity and its bounties have given us great things and adsorbed many customs and without fail or falter they’d have the next 2,000 years planned and ready for execution.

But for Christ sake stop steeling and abusing kids and using them as a part of your philanthropic succession planning.

I know you would have a good 300 years of confessional data and if steeling and abusing kids and in effect limiting their eventuality of a gratifying sex life with a trusted partner is your way of domesticating the generations – is kind of “wrong town”. If we are afforded the human condition we should be afforded at least one trusted loving partner if we so choose.

As for the nature of adoption psychology, I’m not an animal and I can only encourage people that feel adopted to self educate and understand what their ‘shame’ did to you. There is no God in that plan.



One of the wackiest concepts I’ve heard of is genetic memory, the concept of connection between land and person. I think some psychologists would have a field day in Australia where we have complex variations in microclimates. We also believed in legal kidnapping and ensuring those children would not come into contact with their biological liniage and we insured this by policies like take from the east and give to the west.

My reality today is of a memory embedded in my fathers zygote. The details are my own and they speak a world of bitter truths.

Hopefully this govt and DLF. will not sell the concept of steeling another generation from another country in the name of religious succession planning like they sell other world issues to us in the name if business confidence.

I planted a few flowers to clean up all the ugliness K Stockett.

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Australia’s Black Palm oil

So we know that some roasted wattle seed is brilliant with chocolate cake. We know that Kori cultures would chew on black wattle sap for nutrient.

I know that when you boil wattle seed to assist in germination, there is residual oil in the pan afterward.

It’s just a thought; but leave the tropical rainforest alone, grow black wattles in the desert and farm our own chocolate oil and food additives with half the resources.

Conservation could even meet innovation with wattles being pollinated by animals like the sugar glider, reducing the need for foreign bee and insect species. Murray cod at $50 a kilo would be a far better use of irrigation systems surely. It’s all here. The smartest thing about such a system is when the selected species start to die they can be bulldozed into significant waterways to trap atmospheric carbon in the substrate rather than burning back into the atmosphere. You could even capture Carbon into the food chain instead of cutting grass with petrol. Them be clever kanagroos; delicious too. The cod will love the woody water; the ecosystems will thrive, during flood years we create carbon rich strata and promote healthy natural selection. With smarts you can’t pollute with a bi product that is an integral part of the system. We just have to decide weather we should lower the Roo fences (ROLF).

Always remember that 9billion ton of coal exports from Darling Downs equates to 26 billion ton of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere annually. It’s like 1billion ton for every person each year. It’s one of the greatest challenges of modern time.

Bugger those CSIRO job cuts

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January 7 2014 published 15 Nov 2013

The Day Hell Froze Over


Source: Google

I said it my last
You knew it a farse
The wandering crack come ary

I remembered the clothes
I remembered the hose
Even the chairs; inside nigh

The branches will fall
Inside the pool
The water rocking; side to side

This violent outburst
A marker; not first
Mocking a yonder sigh

The reports will read
The victims seed
A calmness till someone dies

The coal keeps coming
The bugs keep humming
The volcanoes slumming
A yonder world not bright

Until another
Someone’s brother
Alone when someone subsides.

I published this on the 15 November and found it quite a coincidence to see hail landing in a swimming pool on the NSW coast the next day I think. The white water coming off the hail reminded me of the side to side lyric above. It was supposed to be a storm reference for the 7 Jan 2014 not the next day.


Pretty sure this snap belongs to NASA somewhere

7 January 2013 The media reports RecordPolar Vortex USA with wind chill up to -61 across the nth states. 18 dead and real life scenes from the day after tomorrow in Chicago. The wall of ice is the second time I’m aware in the last few years. Interesting huh?
Google frozen fountains in Texas..

10m waves in quaint English west coast villages.. The height of a five storey apartment buildings. Ouch!

Unlike Pakistan’s 7,000mm all in 7 days it’s nice to hear the homeless are being looked after.

if I could hear ole Albert’s voice he’d say it might be the 6th in the USA and the 7th in Australia; but its the same segment in the space and time continuum; and most important “records be records”! And a new heat record for Darwin Australia IS serious. 36.1 #climate-change

“Malta older and colder?” Long and Lat 14°w and 35°N ish.

The frozen fountains in El’passo Texas
115°w and 33°east. is highway 114 at longitude 114°W? My error rate is consistent sometimes.

I was thinking about a road cutting with a cliff either side of 114, walked into my lounge and saw this. Maybe a coincidence? I wonder what’s or who is stuck there?


After watching news stories about the death of Paul Mackay; clearly my trigonometry is off, either way sleep well, your hell froze over.

17 January 2014

With Melbourne’s yet another day over 43° I cannot stress enough climate change is static, it does not have a destination. 43° will become more normal. Please understand and act on the paradigm.

*no more predictions till the 15 December 2014 I promise just understand that cross country skiing in the CBD of Adelaide or in Swanston street Melbourne can happen; more often in this stage of change. Please educate yourself.

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90% of any business exists in the shaddows

One of the most interesting #adoption experiences I had was my biological grandmother drawing my profile from a photograph. I hated it. She captured all the things I didn’t like about myself. A little older and wiser; she drew my genetics all the things my adoption taught me to hate. Unfortunate.

So I always knew I was adopted and had many arguments over the years as to how best to present this information to the world.

Certainly my earliest memory was of my older cousins at about three stating I was different because I didn’t come from my mummies tummy. In my 30’s I have a slightly more cynical view of adoption, power plays and Christian healing groups that prevent financial
liability to the Catholic Church.

So the business’ number one
priority is protecting its reputation and it’s sunday donations. Based on my observations there should be an observed link between Christian healing communities, homophobia and the affect on the broader community. I still don’t speak to my adoptive family because the word Nigger is openly frowned upon and faggot acceptable.

It’s entirely plausible these healing communities encourage homophobia among abuse victims as a way of preventing financial liability. Let it never be said the greater good this organisation provides goes unnoticed, it provides a kindness to natural selection, sometimes reflection on your journey provides better roadmaps the future. I honour the ANZACs for their
sacrifice and this generations responsibility to fight for what is
right and the honour that exists in true democratic and judicial principles. I liken to American stories of teenage girls kidnapped and escaping 20 years later. I remember looking at my adoption paperwork stating the mother wouldn’t let go quietly (very proper).

Clearly two very different situations until you consider all the conversations “you” had with your parents about your genetic emotions, why you do things, why you feel a certain way. Now I would ask you imagine all those conversations replaced with questions about why you were so weird and different. Questions like why can’t you be more like us? Now I’m going to ask you to consider a 400 year old Christian faith who had been observing stolen
children for their entire lives in church on Sundays, trying to fill the voids created by the adoption itself. Consider the idiosyncrasies instilled in the children of these poor people and
their grandchildren. The sky people did come and this is how they
did it.

I hear you; how lucky am I that I can say this and not be shot. :s

We failed with Canberra’s Abbot proof fence. Generally it’s because conservatives use emotional recruitment. Who in their right mind would step into an oven, when the hammock waits between the coconut trees. When Melbourne has 3 consecutive days above 48° just remember speculators; you voted for it.

I’m as one eye’d as a pies supporter and he knows damn well what that’s about.

This generation will have to fight for its freedoms again, on a home front from people like themselves who desperately want to feel loved accepted and normal.

Using homophobia as an emotional recruitment system is lame and
we’re over it. One day people will realise creating a problem in
order to stand on a stage and say we’ve found a solution is kind of
a clever trick with an expiry date. So decide whether we are freedom fighters or communists with a preferred religion?

Kevin 07apologised to the Aboriginal community, not because he wanted them to Mabo your quarter ache, but because 70,000 years of natural
selection cannot be Christianised or canonised by steeling children and instilling environmental paradigms.

Julia apologised because this canonisation happened to white families too. Those that had sex outside of marriage, the free thinkers, the artists and generally liniage that would pose a threat to the future reputation of the church.

The observed principle is to provide a better platform for christian natural selection, the genetics that support
the church and not those that question. So Jules! Thanks for apologising. My back foot is much stronger and comfortable for it. It allows me to accept and validate the shadows I was given perhaps to validate that organisation, who knows? I will always reject their satan.

I certainly feel this generation needs to defend its reproductive rights much like the ANZACs defended theirs and our democratic ones. One of the key markers of our future is our right to abort, our right to single patent families and our rights to legislate philanthropy. If any of this is horrific, you are truly blessed and fortunate. It’s a good
reason to put your thinking cap on.

5.11.2013 I visited my natural
homelands yesterday. Lots of healing lots of cleansing. It’s the strangest thing to sense your natural family. It’s even stranger talking to yourself in a 3 dimensional mirror at a coffee shop
(Riddle me this). Quite priceless my attraction to Mt Macedon and its microclimate.

The Catholic Church might have stolen my natural life but they can never steel that memory from me. It is unparalleled; the sadness expressed by people trying to keep the illusion of adoption alive.

It’s quite quirky watching Christians
think tanks sprout the naturality of life, yet they promote a profoundly unnatural one through adoption.

24.11.2013 I remember
meeting one arm of my biological family, standing in a room of
people that looked at talked like me. I felt obligated to my adoptive family to only find out about medical history; back then I believed they were the ones who put up with me all those years.
(That’s priceless). I asked all the cliche’ things like anyone famous and when do I go bald, some 15 years later I lost view of the famous names. I knew Murray Rose to be a boxer not a swimmer. (East vs. West)

After watching his documentary last night better judgement suggests
I don’t articulate the anger and the disgust I now feel for a
repugnant Catholic Family Welfare Bureau. Kidnappers and murderous
bastards! I heard somewhere about ripple effects in mechanics. I lost my natural life, my adoptive parents lost theirs as did my biological. I still struggle to believe my biological parents lost their natural life. I guess that’s part of the mongrel psychology.

Please forgive me when I sarcastically use the carol “onward Christian soldiers”. Intelligently, have you ever met someone for the first time and they used perhaps a phrase you just thought was wrong, so weird or even bizarre?

Using a first date as an example those bizarre phrases are a summary of that persons life and whether they would fit in yours. You make your mind up quickly. You know it’s not right, it isn’t going to work. Now imagine that feeling 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 18 odd years. That is adoption.

24. 1.2014

Thinking about my education, being aware I’m not 400yrs old if I had paid my school fees I would ask for cash back (you have to admit its a great commercial). There is plenty of precedence where #rupertswood has cooked the books. My biggest mistake was admitting being adopted.


I remember listening to my biological mother talk about how horrible the dreams or nightmares rather; were around the time of her decision making process. Having had a few bad eccés myself I’ve had a bad trip or two. More recently I experienced a horrific nightmare with feelings and complexities that I have never experienced before. A bit like acid only cleaner. So I guess I can’t hate you bio mum, I knew I had acid eneutrò but I know now it wasn’t you that gave it to me. I forgive u.

Meaning no disrespect; even today I still feel selfish for rolling with my genetics. Do you think this is art?




20131212-105601.jpg We’ll see you in The Hague.

And in the world of art and science; here is a little ancestry for you. I think I know where my painting style from.


Times hacked 3

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How random would it be if Mars is settled by the Dutch; abandoned and then settled by the British who send all there convicts there. Without political bias we could engage Marside Petroleum to develop harvesting trapped Hydrogen in bedrock to power earthling motor hydrogen celled motorcars. I mean seriously we would all have to drink a little more water; or maybe we could just re-capture it and send it back where it came from.

There’s even a giant volcanoes, it brings new meaning to blood diamonds.

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